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Feabie.com Review 2023 – Is It Perfect Or Scam?


Feabie.com is an online social networking platform designed for those who identify as fat admirers, feeders and their admirers, big beautiful women (BBW), and chubby chasers. The app was launched in 2015 by a small team of developers with the goal of creating a safe space where people could connect without fear or judgement from society at large. Since then it has grown to become one of the most popular apps among its target audience with over 200 thousand active users worldwide across five countries: USA, Canada, UK Australia & New Zealand

The app offers features such as user profiles that can be customized according to individual preferences; private messaging between members; group chats for discussions on topics related to BBWs/BHMs (Big Handsome Men); event listings; photo galleries featuring content submitted by other members; forums dedicated exclusively to FAs/FFs (Fat Admirer / Feeder Fetishists) etc., all within an easy-to-use interface which makes navigation effortless even for newbies! It also provides helpful resources like blog posts about body positivity and self acceptance – making Feabie not just another dating site but rather a community focused on mutual support and understanding amongst its diverse range of users.

Accessing Feabie is free though some premium services are available if you choose so upgrade your account accordingly – however this isn’t necessary unless you wish access certain additional benefits like being able view unlimited photos or sending messages directly via email instead using the internal messenger system . There’s also mobile version available through both iOS App Store & Google Play store – simply search “Feabie” download install get started right away! All need do register create profile fill out few details about yourself upload picture start connecting fellow fans fatshionistas alike no time flat

How Does Feabie.com Work?

Feabie.com is an app that helps people find like-minded individuals who share their interests and lifestyle choices. It offers a wide range of features to make it easier for users to connect with others, including the ability to search by location, age group, gender identity or body type; as well as advanced filters such as height and weight preferences. The app also allows users to create profiles so they can showcase themselves in order for other members on the platform discover them more easily. Feabie currently has over 1 million active monthly users from around the world – United States (60%), India (10%), Canada (8%), Australia(7%) and UK(5%).

Finding someone you’re interested in connecting with on Feabie is easy thanks its powerful search engine which enables you narrow down your options based on criteria such us location, age range or physical attributes – allowing you quickly locate potential matches nearby or anywhere else across globe! There are two types of user accounts available: Standard Accounts allow basic access while Premium Accounts offer additional features like enhanced profile visibility & messaging capabilities among many others..

Once a match has been found both parties can start interacting via direct messages where they can exchange photos & videos too if desired – all within secure environment provided by App’s built-in encryption technology making sure no third party ever gets hold of any exchanged data! Additionally there’s ‘Groups’ section where one could join public chat rooms created either by fellow members general topics related interests shared between participants those particular room thus helping foster sense community belonging amongst its inhabitants!.

The ‘Events’ tab gives quick overview upcoming meetups happening near area providing great opportunity get know each better personable setting rather than virtual conversations only This feature especially useful newbies since events usually attended large numbers locals thus ensuring safe friendly atmosphere socializing without fear being judged harshly due unfamiliarity surroundings . Finally last but not least there option upgrade account premium status unlocking plethora exclusive benefits designed enhance overall experience even further example increased message storage capacity higher chances finding perfect match etcetera…

Overall this amazing application definitely must have anyone looking expand circle friends build meaningful relationships form lasting bonds same minded people similar tastes lifestyles be it romantic platonic nature bottom line regardless whether seeking soulmate just want hang out buddies online offline alike Feabie certainly provide necessary tools help achieve these goals most efficient way possible !

  • 1.User profiles: Feabie.com allows users to create detailed and customizable profile pages, where they can share information about themselves and their interests.
  • 2. Photo albums: Users are able to upload photos of themselves or anything else related to the feeder/feedee lifestyle that they wish to share with other members of the community.
  • 3. Messaging system: Members can communicate directly with each other through private messages as well as group chats in order for them stay connected on a more personal level within the site’s networked environment .
  • 4. Events & Groups feature : This section helps members find local events or groups related specifically towards gaining weight, such as meet-ups for those who practice feedism, size acceptance workshops etc., so that people from all walks of life may come together and enjoy this shared experience without fear judgement or ridicule from outsiders .
  • 5 Forum discussions : Here users have access an array discussion topics which range anywhere between nutrition advice , dating tips , health concerns etc.. Allowing everyone involved in these conversations gain insight into different perspectives while fostering healthy debates among its participants .
  • 6 Blogging platform : In addition Feabie also provides a blogging service where individuals can post stories regarding any aspect relating back towards gaining weight whether it be experiences both good bad funny whatever .. allowing others get glimpse what goes inside minds fellow admirers !

Registration – How Easy Is It?

Registering on the Feabie.com app is a straightforward process that requires users to provide basic information such as their gender, sexual orientation, age (users must be 18 or older), and location. After submitting these details, users will then create an account by providing a username and password before agreeing to the terms of service for using the platform. Once registered successfully, they can start exploring all features available on this dating site including messaging other members who share similar interests with them; creating blogs; joining chat rooms and groups; uploading photos/videos etc., all free of charge! With its unique approach towards connecting people from different backgrounds together in one place – whether it’s for friendship or more – Feabie provides an exciting opportunity for those looking to meet new friends online without any cost involved in registering.

  • 1.Create a username and password.
  • 2. Provide valid email address for verification purposes.
  • 3. Accept terms of service agreement before registering account on Feabie website .
  • 4. Upload profile picture or avatar to represent your identity in the community (optional).
  • 5. Specify gender, age, height and other physical attributes accurately during registration process (optional).
  • 6 Select interests that best describe you from provided list of categories such as music, movies etc.( optional) 7 Fill out short bio describing yourself including hobbies/interests/likes etc.( optional) 8 Agree to abide by rules & regulations set forth by Feabie administrators while using the site

Design and Usability of Feabie.com

The Feabie.com app has a bright and vibrant color scheme, with shades of purple, blue and pink dominating the design. The overall look is clean and modern which makes it easy to navigate around the site quickly.

Finding profiles of other people on Feabie is straightforward as there are various search options available such as gender or location that you can use to narrow down your results. Additionally, you can also browse through featured members or take part in group chats for more social interaction opportunities.

The usability of this app is great; all features are easily accessible from one main page so users don’t have to waste time navigating between different menus trying to find what they need – everything’s just a few clicks away! Plus, if you decide upgrade your account by purchasing a paid subscription then some UI improvements will be made too like larger profile pictures for example which helps make browsing even easier than before!

User Profile Quality

Feabie.com is a social networking site for those who are interested in the feederism and fat admiration lifestyle. All profiles on Feabie are public, so anyone can view them unless you set your profile to private or block specific users from viewing it. You can customize your bio with text, images, videos and links which makes it easy to express yourself however you like without any restrictions. There’s also a “friends” feature that allows users to connect with each other more easily by sending friend requests and messages directly through their profiles as well as commenting on posts made by others in the community.

Privacy settings available include setting up an account using either Google or Facebook sign-in features instead of creating one manually; blocking specific people from seeing certain content; hiding location info such as city name; changing privacy levels (public/private) when uploading photos/videos etc.; reporting fake accounts if needed – all these measures help ensure user safety while browsing Feabie’s platform safely & securely! Location information is optional but recommended since it helps members find potential matches nearby easier – although exact distance between two users isn’t revealed publicly due to security reasons there still might be some indication of how close they live relative to each other depending on what type of data was shared during registration process (e.g., zip code).

Premium subscription comes with additional benefits such as unlimited messaging capabilities regardless whether someone has replied yet or not plus access exclusive groups where premium members get extra perks like discounts at local events organized specifically for this community etc.. Overall having high quality profile definitely increases chances of making meaningful connections faster & smoother than ever before!


Feabie.com is a social networking and dating website for people who are interested in plus size relationships. The site offers users the ability to connect with other like-minded individuals, share photos and videos, create groups, join events and more. It also has an app that allows members to stay connected on the go. The main advantages of Feabie’s dating website include its large user base which makes it easier for members to find potential partners; its extensive search filters allow users to narrow down their choices based on interests or physical characteristics; finally, there are plenty of safety features such as profile verification options which help ensure only genuine profiles appear on the platform. On the downside however, some have complained about limited messaging capabilities when using Feabie’s mobile app compared with what can be done through desktop version – this could potentially limit your chances at finding someone special if you’re not able to access all available features from both platforms simultaneously . Additionally ,the cost associated with upgrading one’s account may turn off some potential customers due lack affordability or perceived value .

At present time ,Feabie does not offer any type of online dating service but they do plan on introducing one soon according their FAQ page found here: https://www.feabiefaqs/online-dating/. Reasons why they haven’t implemented it yet vary depending upon whom you ask but most agree that privacy concerns surrounding data collection remain top priority among staff along implementation delays caused by Covid 19 pandemic being two primary factors preventing launch date announcement thus far .

Safety & Security

Feabie.com is committed to providing its users with a secure and safe environment for socializing, networking, and dating. To ensure the safety of all users on Feabie.com, they have implemented various security measures such as user verification methods which require that each user provides valid information about themselves in order to gain access into the platform; this helps prevent bots or fake accounts from infiltrating their system. The verification process also includes photo reviews done by both humans and AI technology in order to detect any inappropriate content or malicious activity before it can be posted onto the site’s public areas like forums or chat rooms; this ensures that only verified members are able to interact within these spaces without fear of being exposed to unwanted materials online. Additionally, Feabie offers two-factor authentication options so that you can add an extra layer of protection when logging into your account – making sure no one else has access even if they know your password! In terms of privacy policy at Feabie, we take our commitment seriously – protecting our member’s data is paramount for us! We use industry standard encryption protocols along with other safeguards such as pseudonymization techniques (replacing personal identifiers) whenever possible while collecting & storing data from our members across multiple platforms including mobile devices & computers . Furthermore , we never share personally identifiable information unless given explicit permission by a member . All collected data remains confidential under strict guidelines outlined in GDPR compliance regulations .

Pricing and Benefits

Feabie.com Paid Subscription

Feabie.com is a social networking site for people who are into the feederism lifestyle, and it offers both free and paid subscription options to its users. The question of whether or not one needs a paid subscription on this website depends largely on how much they plan to use the service, as well as what features they would like access to while using it.

The main benefit of getting a paid membership is that you will have access to all of Feabie’s premium content such as exclusive photosets from members, private messaging capabilities with other members in your network, special discounts when purchasing items from their store page and more advanced search filters for finding potential matches within your area code or city limits . In addition , there are also no ads displayed throughout the site if you opt-in for an upgraded account .

There are three different levels available when signing up for a premium account : Basic ($5/month), Plus ($10/month) ,and Pro ( $20 / month). These prices seem quite competitive compared with similar sites offering comparable services which usually charge anywhere between 10 – 20 dollars per month depending upon which package option was chosen by the user .

If at any point during your time subscribed someone decides that they want out then cancelling can be done quickly through either emailing customer support directly or accessing their online cancellation form found under “Account Settings” tab located in each member profile page . As far refunds go most companies do offer some sort back guarantee policy but unfortunately due to strict policies set forth by certain payment processors Feabei does not currently provide them at this time so make sure before committing fully that this type of service fits exactly what you’re looking for beforehand just incase things don’t work out later down line..

All in all having an upgraded version might be beneficial if used correctly however many users find themselves perfectly happy without ever needing anything beyond basic level since majority core features remain accessible even after opting out completely from subscribing altogether thus leaving decision entirely up too individual preference alone whether upgrade worth extra cost associated being part something larger than yourself ..

Help & Support

Feabie.com is a website that offers support to its users in many different ways. The first way you can access help on Feabie is through their Support page, which provides detailed information about the services they offer and how to contact them for assistance. You can also email or call customer service directly with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your account or usage of the site’s features.

The response time from customer service at Feabie varies depending on the type of inquiry being made, but typically it takes no more than 24 hours for someone to respond back with an answer or solution to your problem. Additionally, there are several helpful FAQs available on their Support page that provide quick answers for commonly asked questions related to using and navigating around the website as well as troubleshooting technical issues such as password resets and profile settings changes..

Finally, if all else fails then there are always members within Feabies’ community who will be willing lend a helping hand when needed; simply post up a question in one of their forums threads and wait patiently until someone responds back with advice! Overall though regardless what route taken towards getting help – whether it’s via emailing/calling Customer Service directly , reading through Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages online ,or asking fellow members – rest assured knowing that user support team at feabei strives hard each day ensuring everyone has pleasant experience while visiting this unique social network platform .


1. Is Feabie.com safe?

Feabie.com is a social networking site that caters to people who are interested in the Feederism and BBW (Big Beautiful Women) communities. As with any online community, there are potential risks associated with using Feabie.com such as encountering inappropriate content or malicious users, so it’s important for users to be aware of these risks when they join the site and take steps to protect themselves while on it. Fortunately, Feabie has taken several measures designed to ensure its members’ safety including moderating all user-generated content before it appears on the website; requiring email verification upon registration; providing an anonymous reporting system for violations of their terms of service; offering support from moderators if you encounter problems or need help navigating around the website; having strict rules against bullying/harassment/stalking etc.; banning explicit images from being posted publicly without permission from those featured in them first; blocking suspicious accounts identified by automated systems based on certain criteria like IP address location etc., and much more besides this list! Ultimately though, each individual should make sure they use common sense when interacting with other members online – never give out personal information unless you feel comfortable doing so – and remember that nothing can replace good old fashioned caution when engaging in activities over the internet!

2. Is Feabie.com a real dating site with real users?

Yes, Feabie.com is a real dating site with real users. It was founded in 2013 and has since grown to become one of the largest online communities for people who are interested in plus size dating, fat admiration and body positivity. The website boasts over 2 million members from all around the world that come together to find relationships or just chat about their shared interests and experiences as part of an accepting community. As well as being able to connect with other like-minded individuals through its various features such as forums, blogs, groups etc., it also offers some unique tools such as weight loss challenges which can help motivate members on their journey towards self-improvement if they choose to use them!

3. How to use Feabie.com app?

Feabie.com is an app designed to help people with a shared interest in gaining and maintaining a healthy weight find like-minded individuals who are looking for support, friendship, or romance. To use the Feabie app, first you must create an account by providing your email address and creating a username and password. Once logged in, users can customize their profile page by adding pictures of themselves as well as information about what they’re looking for on the site (e.g., friends or romantic partners).

The main feature of Feabie is its social networking capabilities; users can search through other profiles based on various criteria such as location or interests to connect with others who share similar goals related to health & fitness. Users also have access to forums where they can discuss topics related to dieting/exercise/etc., ask questions from experts in those fields, post recipes that work best for them when trying different diets etc.. Additionally there are group chats available which allow members within certain groups (such as “veganism”) talk amongst each other more easily than if everyone was scattered across individual conversations threads all over the website – this makes it easier not only keep track of conversations but also helps foster relationships between like minded individuals quicker than ever before!

4. Is Feabie.com free?

Yes, Feabie.com is free to use. It provides a safe and friendly environment for users who are looking to connect with others in the plus size community. The website offers various features such as forums, groups, events and more that allow members to interact with each other online or even meet up in person if they choose too! There are also premium membership options available which offer additional benefits like access to exclusive content or discounts on merchandise from their store. Regardless of whether you decide to go for the free version or upgrade your account, Feabie makes it easy for people of all sizes and backgrounds come together in one place!

5. Is Feabie.com working and can you find someone there?

Yes, Feabie.com is working and it can be a great place to find someone special. The website offers users the opportunity to connect with others who share similar interests or lifestyles in an open-minded environment. It has a variety of features that make connecting easy such as chat rooms, forums, private messaging and more. You can also create your own profile page where you can upload photos and provide information about yourself so other members get to know you better before deciding if they want to take things further with you or not. With its wide range of features available for free use by anyone looking for companionship online, Feabie provides plenty of opportunities for people from all walks of life seeking connection on their terms!


In conclusion, Feabie.com is a great platform for finding partners for dating and socializing with other like-minded people who share similar interests. The design of the app is intuitive and user friendly, making it easy to navigate through different sections such as forums, groups, events etc. The safety features are robust which makes sure that all users can have an enjoyable experience without worrying about their privacy or security being compromised in any way. Furthermore, help & support team at Feabie provides prompt responses to queries ensuring that users get the best possible service from them when needed most. Lastly but not least important aspect of this website – user profile quality – is quite impressive; there’s no shortage of interesting profiles here! All in all we would highly recommend giving Feabie a try if you’re looking for someone special online!

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